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Travel Gear

The 9 Best Things We Bought in 2021

The 9 Best Things We Bought in 2021 At Home Caroline Morse Teel

The 15 Items You Need to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Woman pulling suitcase down hallway in airport next to glass window, out of which is a view of a plane taking off In-Flight Experience Ashley Rossi

7 Terrible Travel Presents, and What to Give Instead

Friends giving and opening Christmas presents next to Christmas tree Packing Shannon McMahon

The 8 Best Face Moisturizers for Travel

Close-up of hands dipping fingers into a small jar of moisturizer on a light pink background Fashion & Beauty Megan Johnson

7 Cozy Women’s Cardigan Sweaters Perfect for Travel

Close up of person's hand brushing through tall fall grass, the person is wearing a knit sweater Fashion & Beauty Megan Johnson

The 13 Best Tech-Protecting Travel Bags and Cases

Camera and laptop sticking out from a large professional camera and computer bag Travel Technology Carol McPherson

The 10 Most Comfortable Men’s Walking Shoes for Travel

Close-up of man wearing tan sneakers and crossing the street Fashion & Beauty Tyler Schoeber

13 Travel Totes That Do the Most

13 Travel Totes That Do the Most Fashion & Beauty Jamie Ditaranto

The 10 Best Gifts for Fitness-Obsessed Travelers

People training wearing Lululemon workout gear Fashion & Beauty Caroline Morse Teel

13 Best Bubble Baths To Help You Unwind

13 Best Bubble Baths To Help You Unwind Health & Wellness Megan Johnson

10 Underseat Carry-On Bags You Can Take on Any Flight

Person rolling a rolling suitcase through an airport hallway Packing Ashley Rossi

5 Tricks for Making Your Travel Gear Last Longer

Two tourists on a street with two suitcases Travel Tips & Advice Caroline Morse Teel

11 Best Travel-Friendly Boots for Fall

brown boots walking in fall leaves. Fashion & Beauty Caroline Morse Teel

9 Best Fall Dresses for Travelers

Woman dressed in warm autumn clothes on a street covered with fallen orange leaves Fashion & Beauty Caroline Morse Teel

The 10 Best Expandable Suitcases

Woman rolling a suitcase down an automatic walkway in an airport Family Travel Gear Adele Chapin